Friday, June 3, 2011

SRM Welcomes Maggie Haseman, SRM Summer Outreach Intern

Maggie Haseman, tired after a long hike to our campsite on a father-daughter backpacking trip to Crater Lake in July 2010
Hi SRM, my name is Maggie Haseman and I am the new Outreach Intern here at the SRM office in Wheatridge, Colorado.  I will be a senior at Colorado State University in the fall.  I am working toward a Bachelor of Science Degree in rangeland ecology with a concentration in restoration ecology and a minor in global environmental sustainability.  After I graduate, I want to get a Master’s Degree in ethnobotany, the study of the relationship between plants and humans.  Eventually I would also like to go to law school and study environmental law.

I have lived in colorful Colorado all my life and am currently living in Fort Collins, CO.  I enjoy many activities such as hiking in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and playing the ukulele.  I also play tennis, when I get the chance, and spend time playing cards or board games, and chatting with my friends and family.

I am a first-year SRM member and heartily enjoyed attending the SRM Annual Meeting in Billings last February, where I competed in the plant ID competition.  I am very happy to have the chance to get more involved in the society through this summer Internship Program.  You will hear from me often on the SRM Outreach Blog, Facebook page and LinkedIn group until August when I must go back to school.

As the Outreach Intern I have been working on various projects for SRM including helping with the details for the 2012 Annual Meeting in Spokane, Washington, and organizing a meeting contact list so that the Society can be more efficient and organized about contacting parites for news and events related to the Annual Meeting.  I plan on using my experience at SRM and my interests in both rangelands and ethnobotany to write a series of blog posts on the history of the American Great Plains.  I would like to look into the ways that humans have shaped the ranges and also how the ranges have shaped us.


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Stephanie Larson said...

Great to have you at SRM this summer Maggie!