Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cowboy Poet's Corner: "Welcome Rain" by Stan Tixier

Welcome Rain

A cowboy and an eastern dude,
A most unlikely pair,
Were flyin' 'cross the country,
Assigned, by chance to share
The last two seats in tourist class
On some big jet airplane,
The conversation that they had
Was mostly 'bout the RAIN.

It'd been a-pourin' steadily
For several days or so,
Across a bunch of western states,
And in New Mexico,
Where they were headin' on their flight
Most every pond and tank
Was full, the creeks and rivers there
Were runnin' bank to bank.

The dude had come to play some golf
And tennis, don't you know,
The cowboy, to participate
In some big rodeo,
So each one was affected by
Excess precipitation,
And neither of 'em could adjust
A pre-made reservation.

The eastern dude was most perturbed,
And anxious to complain
How his vacation would be spoiled
By that confounded rain,
He fumed and fussed and swore a lot
And said it wasn't fair,
They'd advertised a desert
And now a swamp was there.

The cowboy'd be impacted too
By breaks that he'd been given,
'Cause ropin' in arenas dry
Was how he made his livin',
Yet he seemed sorta' unconcerned,
Not tryin' to be rude,
He set out to explain some facts
To that frustrated dude.

He said, "You ought to understand,
This country's mostly dry,
We need this moisture to survive,
There's lots of reasons why,
So mister, don't get too upset,
Let's try to be more lenient,
'Cause RAIN is always welcome here,
But seldom is convenient!"

From the book:
A Good Lookin' Horse: Cowboy Poetry and Other Verse (1993) by Stan Tixier

Want more cowboy poetry?  Poetry books and CDs by Stan Tixier are available for purchase from Western Heritage Company, 1-800-303-5703.  And don't worry, Cowboy Poet's Corner will continue to post to the SRM blog in coming months.

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