Friday, April 16, 2010

Univeristy of Wyoming Student Awards Banquet

This past Saturday, April 10, I was fortunate to attend the University of Wyoming Range Club Student Awards Banquet.  I had the opportunity to speak with students, parents, and professors, and learn more about their program and opportunities in Laramie, Wyoming.  The University of Wyoming has the largest Range Club in the nation, and boasts group of very motivated students and faculty.  Awards went to:
  • Outstanding New Range Club Member: Katie Schade
  • Outstanding Old Range Club Member: Leena Horton
  • Outstanding Faculty: Denise Manore
  • Outstanding Advisor: Prof. Jeffrey Beck
  • URME recognition:
    • Second Place Team
    • Top 10%: Andrew Telander (3rd place), Sage Askin (8th place, tied), Jordan Wambeke (8th place, tied), Karley Shepperson (13th place), Katie Nelson (18th place)
    • Adam Teeter and Rives White tied for 22nd place
  • Rangeland Cup: Third Place Team, Sage Askin, Tate Smith, Leena Horton
  • Extemporaneous Speech and plant team competitor recognition
One of Laramie's own, Cody Waldrip, led the auction following the awards, applying his impressive auctioneer training.  My personal favorite from the auction included two trays of cookies, baked by Leena Horton, purchased by Kenna Horton and Prof. Jim Waggoner (proceeds to the Range Club), and donated back to the Range Club student lounge.  Now that's a profit!

Thank you to the Range Club at University of Wyoming for their invitation and enthusiasm!

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