Friday, May 7, 2010

University of Nevada Reno - Pizza with the Range Club

This past Monday, May 3rd, I joined the University of Nevada Reno Range Club for pizza. This is an enthusiastic bunch - with close to fifteen students who sacrificed their evening to meet with me the week before university finals!

The Range Club members shared their career goals, which varied widely, including ranching, recreation, law enforcement, extension, and education, and we spoke about how SRM can help them get involved and be successful in the Society and in their careers. We also brainstormed about how SRM can help them meet these goals, including: more opportunities to interact with other range clubs, ways to find and post jobs and résumés through SRM, and ideas for how the Society can better help students and professionals interact and network at SRM events.

UNR has undergone significant budget cuts, leaving some students unsure of how they will be able to meet their degree requirements for graduation. Dr. Tamzen Stringham saved the day during dinner, when she offered to teach an additional rangeland restoration course this fall (pending participation from enough students) in order to help them graduate.

No doubt, this is a group willing to go above and beyond: a professor offering to squeeze extra work into a tight fall schedule and a group of students willing to meet with me during the finals crunch. Thanks to the UNR Range Club for the ideas, insight and time!

Stay tuned - there will be more to come.

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Tamzen said...

Aleta is a delightful and youthful addition to SRM and I am hopeful she will help attract and keep this current generation of range professionals! Rangelands are not disappearing nor are the management issues facing these incredible landscapes however university administrators are clueless to the importance of an excellent range education and UNR is the latest casualty in the culture of ignorance that permeats campus's today! I strongly encourage SRM members and leadership to take an active role is debating how we will educate the next generation and in what venue - I believe the university venue will cease to exist in the not too distant future.

Tamzen Stringham